How We Innovate

Creating better systems, institutions, policies, business models, and business practices requires a willingness to openly explore the foundations upon which these have all been founded. To make positive, meaningful transformations in any of these areas requires a certain level of clarity about the types of systems, institutions, policies, models and practices that we as a community would value. This is innovation “community style”.


Connect, Education and Illuminate

We link like-minded people together, regardless of whether they have the same industry exposure or experience. In fact, it is often the case that bringing disparate competences and experiences together can catalyse a transformative process. We do this through events and other activities that will not only educate participants but also build trust and relationships between them to create the conditions in which collaborative innovation can take place. iNQ is uniquely positioned to have a bird’s eye view of the creative work within its ecology so as to be able to promote collective intelligence (we learn from what everyone else is doing), lead research and

spot emerging trends.



We will operate three streams specifically designed to turn ideas into impact.

  1. Create – we collectively support each participant’s efforts to develop new business models or practices that are aligned to the broad values of regional resilience. As these innovations mature, a commercialization pathway is mapped with the support of expert advisors in relevant technical and market spheres.
  2. Collaborate – we work with each other to drive the creative impulses, and also with those in conventional businesses and industries to achieve realistic changes that matter.
  3. Advocate – we will stand up for what we believe and support those who are seeking to achieve more resilient regional communities.



We harness the wisdom and strength of champions and advisors for our work and the work of all those participating in iNQ.


Build and Transform

iNQ is anchored by a core team of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds committed to designing and evolving the strategy and architecture of the ecology and to cultivating the purpose and the culture that is needed.