iNQ Innovation Ecosystem Coordinator

Drive the creation of a vibrant innovation
and creative entrepreneurship ecosystem
in North Queensland.

The role is to support the iNQ Executive to (1) grow a community and (2) help regional startups to commercialise and to scale through collaboration with large organisations around the world.

This role has three broad Responsibility Areas:

1. Community Development
2. Event Management
3. iNQ Central Management

Click here for full role responsibilities and objectives. Contact iNQ with questions and to apply.

Responsibility Area 1: Community Development

The Ecosystem Coordinator will have a startup centric approach to designing all elements of the startup experience at iNQ. With this basic attitude, you will seek to curate and implement activities that create value and support iNQ startups to accelerate their growth.

Responsibility Area #2: Event Management

This responsibility area involves bringing together project management, event strategy, content development, partner engagement and end-to-end delivery capabilities to position iNQ as a Thought Leader through dynamic and interactive events.

Responsibility Area #3: iNQ Central Management

The iNQ Central Management role is responsible for ensuring that our entrepreneur and community members receive an extraordinary experience by managing and executing on the details of our day-to-day operations. You will be the point person for the co-work space, welcome experience for all inquiries, team and program calendars and our administration processes.